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Joseph the Dreamer


Danny & Yena Gault

Health Care Heros

Philippians 4 6

1 Peter

Social Distancing

2020 Coronavirus and Christ

Psalm 119 90-91

2020 VBS

One Nation Under GOD

Children's Zoom

2020 Happy Father's Day

2020 Memorial Day

2020 Happy Mother's Day


El Paso Baptist Association Leadership T

Free Mask by WMU

Youth Bible Study

Online Wednesday Night Service

2020 Easter

Easter Flowers

Easter isn't cancelled

2020-04-10 Fri Good Friday Night Service

Stay Home Y'all

The Gospel Project Kids

2020-04-02 You stay home for us 2

The Seven Sayings of the Savior on the C

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30 Days to Slow the Spread

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Psalm 103 2-3

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Ft. Bliss Army

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Young Adults Dinner

2020 Deployment Night

2020 New Families

2020 New Families Lunch

East Asia 목장

2020 Living Word

2020 Sunday Worship

2020 EMP

2019 Christmas Eve

2019 Christmas Eve

SEND Alabama Jungsu Shin & Yujin Lee

2019 Christmas Choir

2019 Christmas United Worship

2019 Christmas Worship

Young Adults

SEND Dallas The Ahn Family

Baby Shower The Seo Family

2019 Thanksgiving Daej Jang Geum

2019 Thanksgiving Pulpit

2019 Thanksgiving Sunday

2019 Thanksgiving Fellowship

2019 Thanksgiving Worship

Lock-In Worship

United Lock-In

2019 Youth Lock-In

Choir Fellowship

Young Adult Fellowship

2019 Fall Festival Participants

Autumn Smilies

Incredible Tiger Samonims


2019 Fall

2019 Fall Festival

Dr. Aaron Son the Preacher

1 Samuel 6

44th Anniversary

44th Anniversary

복음을 알고, 자신을 알라!

Central Asia 목장

황철민&황수아 가족 개업예배

Rev. Sung Kun Park

Dr. Sung Kun Park & Praise Team

2019-2020 WMU Youngsook Chung

SEND Korea Hyunwoo Chung

South Asia Mokjang

Romans 8 37

Romans 8 28

Worship and Dinner

Sliver Lake, New Mexico

Girls can do anything

2019 Church Family Camp

2019 Aloha Photo Contest

Korean School

Central Asia Mokjang

We are El Paso Strong



Psalm 34 18

Pray for EP

Pray for El Paso TEXAS

Pray for El Paso

Fellowship _ La Madeline

SEND Oregon Daniel Kim & Washington Chri

Prayer Warriors

Europe Mokjang

SEND Maryland The Baek Family

Chris & Catherine

SEND Washington Alice

2019 Summer Retreat

Cloudcroft's Elks

Aspendale's Angels

Worship on the Mountain

Watermelons & Moms

2019 Youth Summer Retreat

Cynophobia Survivor

SEND Missouri The Kim Family

2019 World Changers (Gallup, NM)

WC Instagram

WC Instagram 2

2019 World Changers of First Korean Bapt



#1 DAD

SEND Alaska The Beck Family



El  Paso Zoo

Zoo Tour

2019 VBS Program

2019  VBS Opening!

2019 VBS John 20 31

In the Wild

2019 Lifeway's VBS Poster

Congratulations! Class of 2019!

Congraulations! West Point Peter Han

The Beck Family

Baptism in May 2019

Death - Burial - Resurrection

The Baek Family

The Kim Family

2019 Baptism

Congratulations! Abraham Yu

God loves Mothers and Sisters

Flowers for Mothers

2019 Happy Mother's Day

2019 Church Picnic

Spring Church Picnic

Happy 1sr Birthday Samuel Austin

2019 Easter Worship

2019 Ressurection Day

The Lord's Supper

2019 Good Friday Night Service

The Fairweather

East Asia Mokjang

Youth Lock-In

SWBTS Alumni in El Paso, Texas

Dr. Dongsun Cho 춘계신학특강

Lazy Cow Trail


Sierra Blanca New Mexico

Spiritual Awakening in El Paso!

The Little Prince

Middle East 목장

Europe 목장

Read the Bible this year

2019 Worship

2019 EMP

Candle Lights

East Asia 목장

Europe 목장

South America 목장

Southeast & South Asia 목장


Deacon Sung Kim

2018 Merry Christmas

2018 Christmas Eve Service

2019 Christmas Worship & Rev

The Wonder of Christmas

Mark Austin's Preaching

2019 Christmas Choir and Orchestra

Ginger Bread Houses

Christmas Orchestration Practice

Young Adult

Congratulations! The Suh Family!

EPBA Leadership Team

SMN's Uniform

2018 Thanksgiving Worship

2018 Thanksgiving Lunch

2018 Chior Hanbok

2018 Happy Thanksgiving

American Brothers Lunch

Central Asia Mokjang

Samgyupsal Party

2018 Youth LOCK-IN

Youth Lock-In

El Paso Pepper

Africa Mokjang

Sunday Lunch Fellowship


American Brothers

Gateway Seminary

2018 Fall Festival

The Austin's Fall Festival

Fall Thanksgiving

Jesus took the fall

Autumn Sisters

2018 Family Fall Festival

The Story Bible Study


The Kim Family




Dr. Son & Mrs. Son

Celebrate 43rd Anniversary


Korean Churches Association of El Paso T

Sheep Dog

The Gospel Project

Aspendale in Fall

First Children

Samgyupdal Party

2018-08-05 Sun John's Vision of Jesus 2.


World Evangelism Data


Team Bliss

Aloha Photo Contest

Alamagordo New Mexico

2018 Youth Camp

2018 Summer Retreat

Dr. David Cook

Yoido Baptist Church

Rev. Lee Kyu Hyun

Dr. Jeremiah Kim

The Nelson Family

2018 VBS Silly Version

2018 VBS Game On

2018 VBS Game On!

2018 Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America

Great Commission

2018 Southern Baptist Convention Dallas Texas

Congratulations! Dr. Willie Reese

Congratulations! Class of 2018!

SEND Southwestern Baptist  Seminary The Kim Family

Central Asia Mokjang

Europe Mokjang

South Asia Mokjang

Mother's Day Celebration

Mother's Day Cake

Mother's Day Lunch

Mr. Paul Fullam

Mother's Day Manager Deacon Sumg Kim

Gloria DeLeon and  her mom Okja

2018 Happy Mother's Day

2018 Church Picnic

Game 3


Game 2

Game 1

Zumba Time

2018 Church Picnic

John 10 11

Charles Spurgeon _ Christianity Today

Blessing Pack 1

Blessing Pack 2

Blessing Pack 3

The Austin's Grandson Sam

The Austin Family Baby Shower

First Staff

Baby Shower Game

Mark, Karis and Samuel Austin

The Austin Family Baby Shower

Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Kim Family

The Larsen Family

The Choi Family

Baptism Celebration

Easter Message Rev. Mark Choi

Josiah & Joel Choi

Harang & Sarang Kim

Martha & Mary Larsen

Mark Austin's Message

Resurrection Suday Choir

Prayer Deacon Sung Kim

Easter Ochestration

Easter Greetings


Matthew 28 6

He is Risen by Sarah Chung

Celebrate Easter

Good Friday Night Service

Good Friday Night  Choir

Good Friday Service

Cross, crown of thorns and nails

Passion Week Early Morning Prayer

Suday Korean School

Sunday Korean School

Sunday Korean School Preparation

The Story with Pastor

The Story Class

1 Corinthians with Mark Austin

2018 VBS Preparation

Karis SMN

Choir Fellowship

SEND Germany The Morgan Family

Men's Bible Study

Happy Bithday Martha & Mary

Youth Bible Study

Africa Mokjang

Joshua 1 9

2018 Worship


2017 Living Word Graduates

Living Word Gifts

Christmas Eve Candle Lights Service


Mr. Rich Reese

South & Southeast Asia Mokjang

Chloe Cho

Europe & Middle East Mokjang

Cental Asia Mokjang

Youth, College, and Young Adults


Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Worship

Minister Mark Austin

Christmas Praise

Blessed Christmas [El Paso, Texas]

Abel Ramirez

The Gospel Project for Kids

Three Year Old Club

Motherwise  Party for Youth Moms

Thanksgiving Day Brunch

2017 Thanksgiving Sunday

2017 Thanksgiving Sunday Worship

Mark [CHOI] Amy & Karis [AUSTIN] Mark

2017 Thanksgiving Sunday Preaching

2017 Thanksgiving Sunday Praise

Brother Prasie Team

MotherWise for Youth Moms

Kitchen & Brothers

Sonoma Ranch (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Fall Festival 2017

Multi- Ethnic Church

Thank you Dr. Kim & Mrs. Kim

Happy 42nd Anniversary!

Dr. Jonathan Kim Dallas Baptist University

North American Mission Board

Central Asia Mokjang

Youth PTA

Children PTA

Safety Response Training

Europe Mokjang

Middle East Mokjang

A Night of Comfort for Deployment Families

MotherWise for Youth Mom

MotherWise Freedom

Praise Team for United Korean Worship

Three MARKs in El Paso, Texas

Gospel Project Kids

Explore the Bible Students

WMU Leaders

John 5 24

Bill McIntosh Committal Service

The YOU Mokjang  Brothers

The YOU Mokjang Sisters

Catechism Class

Happy Birthday Josiah

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

2017 Summer Student Retreat

Summer Camp



Quiet Time


2017 United Students Summer Retreat

2017 VBS Group Photo

2017 VBS Thank you everyone

Bel Mar Pool

2107 VBS Swimming

2017 VBS Mission

2017 VBS Craft

2017 VBS Evangelism

2017 VBS Activity

2017 Lifeway VBS Galactic Starveyors

2017 VBS Bible Lesson

2017 VBS srarts

David & Mark

2017 VBS Chapel

2017 VBS Resgistration

2017 VBS Fellowship Area

2017 Vacation Bible School

2017 VBS

Galatic Starveyors

Korean War

God bless fathers & brothers

Father's Day Lunch

2017 Happy Father's Day



Grill Team

Picnic Lunch at the Church

Kalbis and Brothers

Greetings after Sunday Worship

United Praise Worship

Church Picnic

Brother's Breakfast

Brother Breakfast Meeting

Friday Student Meeting

Aspen Lodge

Gosari Team

Camp Fire

Amy & Karis SMNs

Bunk Beds

Worship at the mountain

Mokjang Family Retreat at Aspendale

The Chhoi Mokjang Offering Praise

Happy Birthday Mr. Rich Reese

이승빈&신유 Ft. Bragg 파송기도

Happy Mother's Day

God bless mothers & sisters!

Special lunch served by husbands and brothers

Dr Kim's prayer for the border

Dr. Hyoung Kim SBTC Asian Ethnic Groups Facilitator

Dr. Hyoung Kim Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

EPBA Leadership Team

2017 Resurrection Sunday

Empty Tomb by Kai Beck

Easter Egg by Sarah Chong

Easter Sermon

He is risen

Resurrection Sunday United Worship


Via Dolorosa

2017 Good Friday Night

Good Friday Night Service

2017 New Families Banquet

New Families

New Families Banquet

Welcome! New Families!

New Families Banquet Setup

Children's Craft Luke 2 14


백태산 형제 파송 기도

Saturday Fellowship Chipotle Catering

UTEP Family

Riverbend Hot Springs


Small Group

Saturday Night Fellowship

Small Group (2)

Philippians 4 13



2016 Christmas Worship

Mark Austin The Preacher

Mark Choi The Preacher

Soprano Heejeoung An

Candle Lights Right

Christmas Eve Candle Lights Service

Candle Lights Left

The Chung Mokjang

Myoungsook and Kidz

Brother Jamil

Christmas Adult

The Fullam Mokjang

Christmas Youth

Christmas Children

2017 Calendar

Ginger Bread

Jin Namgoong & Diane Lee Wedding Service


The Gospel Project ELP

Gateway Seminary

Mark & Amy with Thanksgiving

2016 Thanksgiving Sunday Worship

Thanksgiving Preaching Together

Happy Birthday Mark Austin

Saturday Bible Study

Feed My Starving Children

Mark CHOI Amy & Karis AUSTIN Mark

2016 Fall Festival

Dr. Aaron Son Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

CHOIR May God bless our church

41주년 말씀사경회

La Union Maze

Youth Fellowship

Baby Kenzo

Praise Team Members

Dr. Daniel Park New Song Church

Happy 추석

Saturday Youth Meeting

2016 엘파소 한인 교회 연합 부흥회

Rev. Song@선한청지기

Praise the Lord!

Jeremiah 3 15

Kneel Before God

Sunday Messages

Brother Mark & Brother Mark

English Ministries

Next Generation

Dan T. Cathy CEO of Chick-fil-A

Aspendale Baptist Center


Camp Fire

Canyon Lodge

Prayer Garden

Ouiet Time 2


Personal Quiet Time

Karis' Workshop

Early Quiet Time

Meditation at the Cross

Desiring God Only

Mark's Workshop

Youth College Retreat

EPISD Musical at the Coronado HS

After 4-Week Pre-Marital Counseling

Dr. Joseph Christopherson

Woo Chung

Rev. Song Good Stewards Church

2016 VBS

2016 VBS

VBS Orientation

VBS Bible Study

Father's Day

Class of 2016

God's own family

First Sisters

Cheer Up


Water Balloon

Jamal Harvey

Warming Up

Main Pavilion

Picnic Lunch

Lunch Time


Church Picnic

Family of God

Grandview Aspendale

Cloudcroft New Mexico

Camp Fire

Mokjang Retreat

Mokjang Retreat


Dr. Mike's Home

Choi Mokjang

Chung Mokjang

First Orchestra

Chefs for Mothers

Mother's Day Lunch

Mother's Day

White Sands Mokjang

Good Friday Night

Ft. Bliss Family

EPBA Church Planting Fundraising

KFBC Table for Church Planting

EPBA Leaders

Easter Event

Sierra Blanca


College Retreat

College & Youth United Bible Study

2016 Early Morning Prayer

Samguapsal Party

2016 새해 하나님의 복 많이 받으세요!

Deacon Kim's Presentation

Happy New Year in Hawaii

2015 New Year's Eve Worship

Dec. 27 Sunday Worship

Christmas Eve Candlelights

Christmas Eve Drama

2015 Bible Study for Women

2015 Christmas Sunday

Welcome Home Alicia

Dr. Michael Ahn Golden Gate Baptist Seminary

Thanksgivng Fellowship


Thanksgiving Pulpit

October Tegeuk

2015 Fall Festival

2015 40th Anniverary & The Lord's Supper

40주년 부흥회 강사 박인화 목사 (뉴송교회)

2015 40주년 말씀부흥회 포스터

40주년 기념 말씀부흥회

2015 Self Camera at the Chapel

Dr. Dokyun Lim Korea Baptist Theological Seminary

First Youth Soccer Team

2015 Youth Summer Camp Sivells Baptist Center (Cloudcroft, NM)

2015 Youth Camp

2015 VBS Journey off the Map

2015 FIRST & CENTRAL Fellowship Dinner

2015 FIRST & CENTRAL Fellowship

2015 English Adult Bible Study 2

2015 English Adult Bible Study

2015 Youth Lock-In

2015 World Changers

2015 World Changers (Gallup, NM)

2015 Youth Night

2015 Alamo Mt. Project for Rev. Lee